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Supercharge Trello: the best Trello Power-Ups for 2024
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Supercharge Trello: the best Trello Power-Ups for 2024

A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
21st February, 2022
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A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
21st February, 2022

Elevate your Trello game in 2024 with the best Power-Ups. Ready to do more than ever with your Trello boards?

2024 is the year of the employee, workplace culture, and flexible working. ‘The Great Resignation’ means employees are calling the shots in the recruitment market.

Retaining existing employees should be at the top of leaders and managers agendas, especially with the absence of a physical office that would’ve served as physical glue. How can you create a more engaged workplace, positive culture while empowering teams to work wherever they want whenever they want?
For those using Trello, you’ll already know how powerful it is in helping teams collaborate, streamline work, and project manage. It brings teams to work together in one place and keeps groups engaged and connected no matter where or when they work. But how many of you make use of the Trello Power-Ups?

There are probably two types of teams here, those who never knew they existed or those who have gone a bit Power-Ups mad and forgotten how many they’ve added to their board.
We’ll highlight (in our opinion) the best Trello Power-Ups for 2024 that will foster collaboration, help teams work more efficiently and increase productivity no matter your job role.

1. Slack by Trello Inc

Best Trello Power-Up for collaboration

We all know Slack is the powerhouse that replaced emails with instant messaging, emojis and gifs. For those who already use Slack, it’ll probably be one of the main apps you keep open throughout the day. This may also be the case for the rest of your team, so why not send them notifications about specific tasks to the space they’re already using?
With the Trello Power-Up for Slack, bring the best of both worlds together:
  • Send Trello cards to Slack channels or direct messages
  • Set up alerts to notify Slack channels of Trello activity
  • Attach Slack conversations to cards
Make sure no one on the team misses out on activity on your Trello boards without having to constantly flick between two apps unnecessarily.
You can read more about Slack and Trello in our blog here.
A gif showing how to delete cards in Trello with the Card Delete Power-Up
There are other ways you can delete Trello boards and cards; read about it here.

3. Reports by BlueCat by Cherry Wood Software

Best Trello Power-Up for reporting

Get analytics on activity on your Trello boards with this Power-Up that enables you to easily create visual reports in any way you want it and any activity you need, regardless of how you use your board.
Generate in-depth custom reports with:
  • Pie, bar, historical charts and more
  • Customisable data by cards, members, due dates and labels etc
  • Scheduled reports that send at the requested time
Given how flexible the Power-Up is, it’s suitable for all teams and helps answer questions such as, what are the current blockers? Where is the most time being spent? Which team member is being over-resourced? Great for team members to keep track of tasks spread across multiple boards and for managers to monitor and report on productivity and capacity.
If you want to conduct your own analysis outside of Trello, such as Excel or Google, you can also give Board Export for Trello a go.

4. Gantt chart by Placker

Best Trello Power-Up for project management

With its listmaking capabilities and easy-to-use interface, Trello is ideally placed as a tool for project management. But for seasoned project managers or those of you who prefer to visualise plans, you’ll know how vital Gantt charts are for planning and scheduling.
Using Placker’s Gantt chart Power-Up, you can get professional-looking Gantt charts that can:
  • Pull in multiple boards into one timeline
  • Show interdependencies between tasks to understand the potential impact
  • Get insights on resources needed and critical milestones
If your current project plans are in Microsoft Project or Excel, don’t worry, as you can import these files without remaking them.

5. Crmble by Apps Square

Best Trello Power-Up for customer relationship management

This is probably better suited for smaller teams who don’t have a fully-fledged CRM platform in place and integrated yet. This (very cute and tastily branded) Trello Power-Up transforms your Trello board into a CRM tool so you can easily manage your sales pipeline.
As a small team, you don’t have the time to manage complex solutions, so Crmble makes this a piece of cake within the already easy-to-use Trello. Your Trello cards act as your leads with the option of pre-configured fields and your lists as your sales pipeline stages. You can connect with third-party integrations such as Facebook leads and Gmail for automatic lead creation and seamless work, all while getting real-time insights.
Alien mascots adding cards to a Kanban chart
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6. Tiny Power-Ups Club

Best Trello Power-Up to be the Swiss army knife of your Trello

Want to access and manage all your board’s file attachments in one place? Get File Manager Power-Up. Want your board to look its best and display image attachments in a Pinterest-style gallery? Get Gallery View Power-Up. And have a task on a card that needs several rounds of approval before completion? Get Card Approvals Power-Up.
All the Power-Ups mentioned above are part of the Tiny Power-Ups Club - don’t you want to join it just by name? For $1 a month, you can get unlimited access to a suite of 11 Power-Ups, including External Share, Office File Viewer, Archive Manager, and more. We can’t wait to see what other Power-Ups get added to this (not so) tiny club.

7. Threaded Comments by Kolekti

Best Trello Power-Up for communication

We’re super excited about this one, and yes, we may be slightly biased, but it was also one that they were crying out for when we spoke to the Trello community. Take a look at the comments in one of your Trello cards now; do you immediately understand the conversation and which reply corresponds to which? Most of us have been there trying to decipher Trello comments that have stacked themselves on top of each other with no actual logic.
Now with the Threaded Comments for Trello Power-Up, you can have tidy and seamless threaded replies and conversations on your Trello card. Think of your responses in Slack or Whatsapp. Well, we’ve done this for Trello. Have conversations the whole team can understand and enable effective communication in Trello once and for all.
A gif showing Threaded Comments in Trello
Discover more about Threaded Comments for Trello:

8. Voting by Trello Inc

Best Trello Power-Up for fun team-time

This final Power-Up is fun and simple. It keeps your team engaged and encourages everyone to input their opinions, especially if you’re not physically working together in one space.
It could be for serious work, such as voting on the next product feature to be worked on. Or something collaborative of voting for the topic or speaker for the next show and tell. Or something fun, such as voting on the game for the next virtual team social. The possibilities are endless; democratise your Trello board so all team members can feel a part of it.
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A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
Product Manager
Dan is a Product Manager at Kolekti and is based in the UK. He's passionate about creating apps that boost collaborative work management in Trello and

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