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How to delete a Trello Board in 4 simple steps
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How to delete a Trello Board in 4 simple steps

A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
8th May, 2023
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A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
8th May, 2023

Unsure how to delete your Trello boards? Our simple four-step guide makes it clear and easy for you!

It's easy to add new Trello boards. But what about deleting them?

So you've set up your Trello workspace and created a board for every aspect of work (or life!). But now you're overwhelmed by all the boards you need to keep track of.
Or your company Trello has evolved over time, and the way your team works has changed, and some of your Trello boards no longer make sense to keep.
Do either of these sound like you?
Don't worry! We've all been there. Whatever your reason, you're just four steps away from saying goodbye to your Trello boards for good.

Why would you want to delete a Trello board?

While you could just ignore an old Trello board, sometimes it makes more sense to get rid of it entirely.

1. Make space (especially if you're on a free Trello plan)

If you have a free Trello account, you might be aware that you can only have 10 boards in your workspace. This is the perfect reason to delete an old, unused Trello board. Getting rid of boards can free up space for new ones that better fit your current approach to work.

2. Declutter your workspace

If you're currently enjoying Trello Standard or above, you don't need to worry about the 10-board limit in Trello workspaces. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't delete boards when it makes sense!
A recent survey of 3400 employees found that 57% of us spend over 30 minutes a day searching for information. When you've got information spread across multiple boards, decluttering your Trello Workspace can make it easier - and quicker - to find what you want.

⭐️ Top tip: The "Starred" dropdown gives you easy access to your most important Trello boards. To star a board, go to your chosen board and click the star icon to the right of the board name.

3. Maintain company security

Though Trello is a secure platform, what isn't secure is an old Trello board that's been made public. A public board isn't limited to certain people - anyone can see it.

This is more of a human error than a Trello security issue, but it's a good idea to check whether any of your boards are set to public so you can set them to private or delete them if they're no longer relevant.

Okay, let's delete some Trello boards!

🚨 Please note: Once you delete a board in Trello, it's gone forever! If there's any chance you might need your Trello board again, you can either close the board or remove yourself as a user. Scroll down to learn more. 🚨

How to delete a Trello board

First, you need to "Close" your board before you can delete it.
1. Open your board. Click the ellipsis icon (three dots) in the top-right corner.
A screenshot of the 'More' option on the Trello board menu
2. Click the 'More' button to bring up extra options.
A screenshot of the 'Close board' option on the Trello board menu
3. Select the 'Close board...' option, then press the red 'Close' button to confirm that you want to close your board. This essentially archives your board.
A screenshot of the board close confirmation on Trello
Note: You can click the link on “your boards page” to view all your closed boards
4. Trello will notify you that your board is closed. From here, you can click 'Permanently delete board' to get rid of it forever. That's it!
A screenshot showing the option to permanently delete a Trello board once closed

How to delete a previously closed Trello board

If you've archived a Trello board previously but now want to permanently delete it, here's how.
1. Go to your Trello homepage and then click 'Boards' in the left-hand column.
Links to Boards and Templates in the Trello homepage
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the 'View all closed boards' button.
A screenshot showing the 'View all closed boards' button in Trello
3. Here, you'll be able to see all of your closed boards. Select 'Delete' to the right of your chosen board and confirm your decision by clicking the red 'Delete' button in the pop-up.
A pop-up confirming whether to delete a closed Trello board
Ta-da! That's all there is to it.

You've decluttered your Workspace - what about your boards?

Card Delete for Trello is a completely free Power-Up that makes card deletion quick and easy. No more archiving, no extra steps.

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Alternatives to deleting a Trello board

Here are some other ways to remove a Trello board without permanently deleting it. We'd recommend closing (i.e. archiving) a board rather than deleting it.

1. Leave a Trello board

If you're a member of boards that you don't really need to be, you can remove yourself so it no longer shows up in your list of boards. This can make it easier to find the boards you do care about.
It won't reduce the number of boards you or your workspace have, however, so it's best to leave a board only when other members are still using it or the information is still relevant.

How to leave a Trello board

1. Open your board. Select the ellipsis button (three dots) in the top-right corner to bring up the menu.
2. Click the 'More' button.
3. Choose 'Leave Board' to remove yourself.

2. Close your Trello board

Closing a board is a great option if you don't know whether you'll need to use it again or not. When you 'close' a Trello board, you can hide it away in an archive so it doesn't clog up your Trello Workspace.
Closed boards don't count towards Trello's board limit on free plans, but you can still easily recover it should you need it again.

How to close a Trello board

1. Open your board and press the ellipsis button (three dots) in the top-right corner.
2. From the Trello Menu, select 'More'.
3. In the 'More' menu, choose 'Close board...'. When Trello asks you to confirm the closure of your board, press the red 'Close' button.

How to declutter your Trello boards

If you're doing a digital declutter, why stop at your Trello Workspaces? Each Trello board itself is bound to be filled with unused and forgotten cards.
One of the key weapons in this fight against Trello clutter is our handy, free Power-Up called Card Delete for Trello. It makes deleting Trello cards much easier and faster.
You can save yourself a lot of clicks during a cleanup session by adding a 'Delete Card' button to your boards.
Watch the gif to see it in action 👇
A gif showing how to easily delete a card with Card Delete for Trello

To add Card Delete to your Trello board for free, click the button below!

Take your Trello knowledge even further!

Now that you know how to close and delete Trello boards, you're ready to declutter your Trello Workspaces. Having fewer Trello boards makes it easier and faster to find the information you need, saving you time and helping you focus on the work that matters.

Looking to take your expertise to the next level? Check out our complete guide of Trello tips and tricks, and start using Trello like a pro 💪
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Dan Ivory
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