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Learn more about work management

Change how you think about collaborative work management and knowledge management.
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What is work management?

Work management is a term used to describe all the processes around completing and delivering work. This includes the planning, organisation, and tracking of tasks within your team or company.
To get work done efficiently and effectively, an organisation needs to have good work management practices in place.
We believe two focuses make the biggest impact on a company's work management practices: these are collaborative work management and knowledge management.

Collaborative work management

Work together, no matter where you work.
New ways of working (hybrid and remote, we're looking at you) lead to new challenges when communicating and collaborating. That's where collaborative work management comes in.
Collaborative work management is a process or practice that helps team members work together – better. It encompasses tools, solutions and methodologies that let people share work and ideas, access information and have discussions, no matter where and when they work. The result? A perfect solution for remote and distributed teams who don't want to let distance hold them back.
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Knowledge management

Find what you need - when you need it.
In an ideal world, documenting, storing, finding and editing information would take just a few clicks of the mouse. But for the modern knowledge worker, it's usually a much more complex process. As a result, 57% of workers spend more than 30 minutes daily searching for information.
The distributed workforce and the rise of remote working present significant challenges to how teams catalogue their shared knowledge - but help is here! The right products, practices and processes can go a long way in ensuring that collective knowledge is up-to-date and accessible to everyone across an organisation.
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Three benefits of great work management:

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Teams work better
Room for meaningful communication and collaboration makes working together a breeze.
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Clarity increases
Clear objectives and defined workflows make it easy for everyone to be on the same page.
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Less time is wasted
Simplifying processes means less context switching and more time to finish work that matters.

Apps designed with work management in mind

Whether your teams work remotely, asynchronously, or together in an office, they deserve the right tools and processes to communicate, collaborate, and access the information they need. We can help.
Our apps and resources can help you meet your work management goals, from project management and knowledge sharing to digital collaboration. Best of all, they're designed to work with your existing tools, including Confluence and Trello. That means less time context-switching and sifting through tabs and apps - and more time to do the work you were hired to do.

Content Formatting Macros for Confluence

Whether you're building a knowledge base, developing documentation or simply want to encourage your team members to collaborate more in one centralised place, Content Formatting Macros for Confluence makes it easy. The macro selection directly connects to your existing Confluence instance to enhance and extend your content and pages. This makes it easier than ever to store and share knowledge and communicate with team members, all without leaving Confluence.
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Community Forums for Confluence

No matter where teams are based, Community Forums for Confluence lets everyone join in the conversation. This macro promotes company-wide discussions and makes it easy to share news and updates in one place. Don't let miscommunications and outdated information hold your teams back. Community Forums keep teams on the same page - wherever you are.
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Forms for Confluence

Get instant feedback and store data securely in Confluence with Forms for Confluence. From a star rating scale in your customer hub to a training evaluation survey at the end of onboarding documentation, serve your users with forms in contexts that make sense to them. With Forms for Confluence, you don't need to rely on external tools to give customers and employees a voice.
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Priority Pro for

Making difficult decisions has never been easier. Priority Pro for brings an intuitive priority matrix to your boards, immediately scoring an item's priority for you. No more wondering which task you should begin with. Priority Pro gives teams back time to focus on work that matters.
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