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Whether you're after our latest news, inspiration, or ways to expand your skills in Confluence and Trello, you can find them all here!
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Focus on what matters with Priority Pro for

It's easier than ever to make difficult decisions thanks to Priority Pro, our newest app for
byJimi Abbabiyion30th May, 2023
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Forms for Confluence - now available to everyone!

Have you heard the exciting news? Discover a quicker, better, more user-friendly forms experience with our latest feature update.
byTom Carrotton21st May, 2023
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How to create forms in Confluence Cloud for data collection

Change the way your teams work. Forms for Confluence brings the best elements of forms and Confluence together.
byLinh Phamon20th May, 2023
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How to create a Confluence wiki for your organisation

Set up your wiki for success! Create a Confluence wiki that's engaging and user-friendly with our guide.
byDylan Lindsayon9th May, 2023
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How to delete a Trello Board in 4 simple steps

Unsure how to delete your Trello boards? Our simple four-step guide makes it clear and easy for you!
byDan Ivoryon8th May, 2023
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3 ways to add numbered headings to Confluence pages

Improve the structure and navigation of your Confluence pages today! Discover three approaches to numbering headings - and which one is right for you.
byHolly Aspinallon2nd May, 2023