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Build branching journeys with Guided Pathways for Confluence
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Introducing Guided Pathways for Confluence: an easy way to create complex branching journeys

A headshot of Daniel Domene Martinez
Daniel Domene Martinez
13th February, 2024
Confluence tags arranged in a hierarchy with branching arrows pointing to different journeys through the tags
A headshot of Daniel Domene Martinez
Daniel Domene Martinez
13th February, 2024
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What is Guided Pathways for Confluence?
What can I use Guided Pathways for?
What are the key features?
What's in store for Guided Pathways?

After months of hard work, we're excited to release Guided Pathways for Confluence in open beta. Read on to learn more!

Navigating Confluence content can be a challenge sometimes – both as a user and a content creator. If you've ever gotten lost in Confluence pages or you struggle to create multi-step guides that feel intuitive to your users, we're very excited to share our newest addition to our Confluence apps!

Introducing Guided Pathways for Confluence:
the app that's here to simplify guide creation and navigation in Confluence Cloud. And it’s now in open beta for you to try!

What is Guided Pathways for Confluence?

Guided Pathways is your ticket to streamlining Confluence navigation, letting you create clear and engaging journeys through your pages.
Using interactive decision trees, Guided Pathways lets you build journeys with complex, branching paths using your existing Confluence content.
A gif showing branching decision tree options in Confluence

What can I use Guided Pathways for?

Guided Pathways is the perfect tool for creating a variety of guides, journeys, and multi-step procedures, including:
  • Troubleshooting guides and decision support systems,
  • Sales enablement and call centre scripts,
  • Employee/customer onboarding,
  • Escalation and disaster recovery policies,
  • ITSM runbooks, and
  • Any other use case that needs multiple linked Confluence pages!

What are the key features?

Interactive decision trees:
Use branching logic to steer users through your Confluence pages, “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style. Make guides and journeys as complex or as simple as you like.
A Guided Pathways for Confluence page showing different guide steps, content, and buttons to other pages
Central guide hub: Manage all your guides and user journeys in one handy place. Here, you can instantly check the status of your published and in-progress guides, as well as edit, unpublish, and delete them.
A list of guides created in the Guided Pathways for Confluence guide manager
Easy page embedding: Say goodbye to disconnected pages in Confluence. There's no need to duplicate your existing content - simply embed them into your new guides, and you're good to go.
A Guided Pathways for Confluence page with a drop-down menu letting users embed existing Confluence content

What's in store for Guided Pathways?

Because it's currently in open beta, Guided Pathways has some exciting updates in store! We can't wait to share these with you as we continue to develop the app.Some of our upcoming features include:
  • Guide Versioning: Keep a save history for guides and access earlier versions
  • Guide Analytics: Get in-depth insights to help you track guide usage
  • Automation: Power up your guides by integrating them with platforms like Jira and Slack

How do I join the open beta?

Keen to start creating guides of your own? Just visit the Atlassian Marketplace and install the Guided Pathways app. It couldn't be simpler!
Click to join the the Open Beta 👇
As a beta tester, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so we can make Guided Pathways even better for you and your users. Visit our NOLT board to share your ideas and vote on features you'd love to see in future.

Want to learn more about the app? You can book a free demo call with us today.

Experience Guided Pathways today for free

Finally, you can bring interactive guides and branching scenarios to your Confluence instance. Start creating your own today:
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A headshot of Daniel Domene Martinez
Daniel Domene Martinez
Technical Product Marketing Manager
With over a decade of digital marketing expertise, Daniel is the Product Marketing Manager for Kolekti's latest Confluence app, Guided Pathways. He excels at taking products to market, capturing customer feedback, and transforming them into actionable insights for product enhancements.

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