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An illustration of a brain to represent a knowledge worker

What is a Knowledge Worker? Defining the Modern Workplace

If you've ever asked, 'What is a knowledge worker?', here's your answer! We've defined them and traced their journey from relative obscurity to their pivotal role in the modern workplace.
by Adam Wignall
on 24th Oct. 2023
A world map with different flags planted on different countries

The best destinations for digital nomads in 2024

Want to work from anywhere but unsure where to go? You're in the right place. We share the top destinations and indispensable advice to get you started.
by Helen Jackson
on 12th Jan. 2024
A browser window with a colourful, stylised Confluence space and sidebar

What is Confluence? The complete guide for beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Confluence, we’re here to talk you through the basics. Learn about its features, costs, if it’s right for you, and more.
by Holly Aspinall
on 20th Jun. 2024
Stacks of colourful building blocks with some set apart from the rest

How to create an inclusive work environment in 5 steps

An organisation shouldn’t be 'one size fits all'. Here’s how to create an inclusive workplace for your employees.
by Helen Jackson
on 19th Jul. 2024
Three light bulbs in an open box on a stylised background

How to build an effective knowledge management strategy

Developing a knowledge management strategy is integral to businesses that want to maintain leadership in their marketplace.
by Will Kelly
on 18th Jul. 2024
A speech bubble with a hyperlink icon inside it leaps out from a colourful Confluence page

3 easy ways to share a Confluence page

Whether you’re sharing content with internal users or external clients, we’ve got you. Discover three ways to quickly share Confluence pages.
by Simon Kirrane
on 16th Jul. 2024
Three sheets of paper with notes on and a set of headphones on a stylised background

How to create sales centre scripts with Confluence Cloud

Deliver a consistent brand message and close more deals. Discover how to create sales centre scripts using Confluence - in just a few steps.
by Daniel Domene Martinez
on 12th Jul. 2024
Three black-and-white bees buzz around a beehive on a stylised background

What is institutional memory, and why does it matter?

Keep your organisation’s collective memory alive. We share why institutional memory is important, and best practices for your company.
by Elaine Keep
on 10th Jul. 2024
A Trello board inside a trash can to represent it being deleted

How to delete a Trello Board in 3 easy steps

Unsure how or why to delete your Trello boards? Our three-step guide makes it clear and easy for you!
by Dan Ivory
on 9th Jul. 2024