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It's never been easier to keep track of workdocs
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It's never been easier to keep track of workdocs

A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
25th October, 2023
A pair of glasses beside a folder labelled with the logo
A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
25th October, 2023 users rejoice: there's finally an easier, quicker way to search and view monday documents!

We're thrilled to announce our latest app, Workdocs Viewer for
We love workdocs: they're a great way to collaborate on projects with other team members in real time. But we're less enthusiastic about how time-consuming and frustrating it is to find that same document again.
Keeping track of workdocs across boards is almost impossible, even with's built-in search tool. Search results for workdocs give limited information - there's no date or author, just the title and the board it lives in - so it's a challenge to distinguish between documents that have similar names. And that's if you can stand to wait long enough for the results to load:
A gif showing the search results loading screen
Say goodbye to endless loading screens like this
We wanted to make workdocs easier - and quicker - for everyone to view and find. So we did! Enter Workdocs Viewer, the only app you need to keep track of docs across your account.

What is Workdocs Viewer?

Workdocs Viewer is the new home for all your docs—no more missing company updates or wasting time scouring boards for the right document. With Workdocs Viewer, you can create, see, and search for workdocs in one handy place.
A screenshot of recent documents in Workdocs Viewer
Never lose a workdoc again. Try it free today and ssave yourself hours!

Explore key features

See it, search it, store it in one place

Never lose track of your workdocs again. It's easy to see docs recently created by you and others in your team, and the smart search bar makes finding workdocs a breeze. You can view and access docs across your account from within the app.
Fed up of searching through your browser bookmarks? You can keep all your links safe in Workdocs Viewer. Add personal links that only you can see or share links with the rest of your team so everyone can benefit from important reads. You can search for specific links.
A screenshot of various personal and public saved external links in Workdocs Viewer
💡 Tip: Add Workdocs Viewer to your favourites to keep all your docs in easy reach

Instantly identify docs with smart previews

Take the guesswork out of searching for docs. Whether you're browsing recently created files or searching for something specific, each Workdocs Viewer result shows you who created it, when they created it, and a handy sneak preview of the text inside.
A screenshot showing search results in Workdocs Viewer for

A quicker way to create documents

If you need to create a new doc, no need to waste time navigating different boards. Just click the "New Document" button next to the Workdocs Viewer search bar. Choose your workspace, privacy settings, and doc name, and you're ready to go!
A pop up dialog to create a new workdoc

Inspire team success with Workdocs Viewer

With Workdocs Viewer, you can reclaim the time you previously lost trawling through boards in search of elusive documents. With all your workdocs in one place, you can instantly find and access them whenever you want. Because you don't need to switch between boards to find or create new workdocs, you also cut down on context switching within This helps your brain focus on the task at hand, helping you finish your work faster.
Keeping workdocs and links in one convenient space means everyone can access them freely and without silos. By removing these barriers, you and your team can enjoy better collaboration and build a culture where ideas and innovation can thrive.

How much time could you save?

Discover the new home of workdocs with your free 14-day trial:
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A headshot of Dan Ivory
Dan Ivory
Product Manager
Dan is a Product Manager at Kolekti and is based in the UK. He's passionate about creating apps that boost collaborative work management in Trello and

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