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How to delete a page in Confluence quickly and easily
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How to delete a page in Confluence quickly and easily

A headshot of Simon Kirrane
Simon Kirrane
2nd October, 2023
An open trash can with a Confluence page peeking out
A headshot of Simon Kirrane
Simon Kirrane
2nd October, 2023
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Deleting a single page in Confluence
Delete multiple Confluence pages and attachments

Knowing how to delete a page in Confluence isn't obvious. We'll show you the steps needed and have a couple of other tips for new users too.

Whether you're a Confluence power user or just setting up your first Confluence page, there's always something new to learn, such as how to delete a page in Confluence. Another is that one of the simplest ways to improve your page formatting on Confluence is to use Confluence templates. Many people don't even know they exist.

How to delete a page in Confluence

One of the most common questions users ask is how to delete a page in Confluence. While straightforward in theory, there are several things to bear in mind with this task.

Deleting a single page in Confluence

If you have permission, it's easy to delete a Confluence page. Simply:
1. Click the ellipsis icon (the three dots ) at the top right of the page.
2. Click Delete.

Help, I can't find the Delete option!
If you can't delete a page, this is probably because of your space permission settings. By default, Confluence space permissions restrict end users from deleting pages. If you don't see the Delete option in your drop-down, don't worry! Simply ask your Confluence admin to change the permissions settings, and then you should be able to delete pages quickly.

Here's how to delete a page in Confluence Cloud:
A screenshot of a page in Confluence with an arrow to the three dots toolbar icon
Click the ellipsis icon in the top-right corner of your Confluence page
A screenshot of the dropdown menu in Confluence with an arrow pointing to the Delete option
Select 'Delete' to say goodbye to your Confluence page
✏️ Note: Using this function won't permanently delete the page. Instead, it will move to the space's trash, where it can be restored or permanently deleted by a space admin. It also won't delete child pages of the removed page - these will move up to the nearest parent page instead.

See Atlassian's Confluence support for more instructions on deleting page hierarchies and unpublished pages.

Do you want more control over your Confluence pages?

If you want to create better confluence cloud pages, try using Content Formatting Macros for Confluence. It's an indispensable tool that allows you to add tabs, numbered headings, banners, footnotes, LaTex formatting, and more. Try it for free.

Deleting multiple Confluence pages, comments, and attachments

If you want to save time and delete pages, comments and attachments in bulk, ScriptRunner for Confluence can help. We recommend restricting access to pages while you're moving content around to ensure that no page edits or moves get missed in the shuffle. You can use scripts like Bulk Delete Attachments, Bulk Delete Comments and Delete Page Tree to perform more thorough clean-ups.
Find out more about ScriptRunner for Confluence and how it can save you time by automating page management, space management, and user management here. There's also a 30-day free trial if you feel inspired to get stuck in!
Get started with Content Formatting Macros for Confluence - free for teams of up to 10:
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A headshot of Simon Kirrane
Simon Kirrane
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