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Every keyboard shortcut in Confluence Cloud (cheatsheet)
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Every keyboard shortcut in Confluence Cloud (cheatsheet)

A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
11th April, 2024
A number of keys from a keyboard each illustrated with an easy-to-understand icon
A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
11th April, 2024
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Windows vs Mac
Creating, editing, publishing
Format spaces and pages
Add rich content
Preview and publish
Viewing and sharing pages

Using Confluence has never been easier or quicker. Become an expert with these handy Confluence keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts save you time and effort, but they’re not always the easiest to remember. Lucky for you, we’ve listed them all here - categorised by when you would use them.

Looking for more hints and tips? Read our guide on how to create the best Confluence pages.

Windows vs Mac - shortcut differences

Below, we’ve included shortcuts for both Windows and Mac.

The Mac shortcuts use ⌘ (Command) in place of Ctrl, and ⌥ (Option) in place of Alt. Otherwise, everything else is the same.

Creating, editing, publishing

Create a new page or blog:
First navigate to the space that you want to add a page to, then simply press your c key for a page, or b for a blog post.

Edit your page or space:
A nice and simple Confluence keyboard shortcut for editing your pages - just press e.

To find and replace specific words, use the shortcut Ctrl + F / ⌘ + F.

Edit labels by hitting L.

Format spaces and pages

Seamlessly switch to headings:
There are two ways to quickly change from normal text to a heading.

Option 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + [number] (⌘ + ⌥ + [number] for Mac). So, say you wanted to switch to Heading 2 - you’d type 2 at the end.

Option 2: Type the # key the same number of times as the number heading you want, then press the space bar: ###[space] = Heading 3

Bring it back to normal text:
Accidentally typed something in heading text? Convert it back into normal text in a flash with the paragraph shortcut:

Ctrl + Alt + 0 / ⌘ + ⌥ + 0

Text decoration:
In the following examples, the word Text shows where you would type the text you want to customise.

Bold: **Text**

Strikethrough: ~~Text~~

Italic: *Text*

Monospace: `Text`

More formatting options:
Organise your content further with these Confluence keyboard shortcuts.

Add a numbered list with Ctrl + Shift + 7 (⌘ + Shift + 7 on Mac). Alternatively, type 1. followed by a space to get started.

Add a bullet point list with Ctrl + Shift + 8 (⌘ + Shift + 8 on Mac). Or, type * followed by space.

Add a task list by typing [] (open and close square brackets), followed by a space.

Create a quote two ways:

Option 1: With Ctrl + Shift + 9 (⌘ + Shift + 9 on Mac).

Option 2:
Press > then the space bar.
Two overlapping infographic cheatsheets listing Confluence keyboard shortcuts

Get your free Confluence keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet

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Add rich content to spaces and pages

Of course, you’re going to want more than just text on your pages. That’s where these Confluence keyboard shortcuts for more engaging content are useful!

To add a macro: Ctrl + Shift + A / ⌘ + Shift + A.

Unsure what macros can do for your Confluence pages? Read our blog all about Confluence macros.

To add files and images: Ctrl + M / ⌘ + M.

To add links: Ctrl + K / ⌘ + K.

To insert wiki markup: Ctrl + Shift + D / ⌘ + Shift + D.

Add and edit tables on your Confluence page:
These keyboard shortcuts help with creating and making simple changes to tables in Confluence:

Create table: Ctrl + Shift + I / ⌘ + Shift + I

Add row above: Ctrl + Alt + ↑ / ⌘ + ⌥ +
Add row below: Ctrl + Alt + ↓ / ⌘ + ⌥ + ↓

Add column after: Ctrl + Alt + → / ⌘ + ⌥ + →
Add column before: Ctrl + Alt + ← / ⌘ + ⌥ + ←

Want to become a table customisation pro? Check out our guide to creating tables in Confluence.

The all-rounder slash command:
Press the forward slash / key to open a menu that gives you access to:

  • Macros
  • Formatting tools
  • Custom apps
  • Adding files, quotes, dates, statuses, and more

After the / key, you can start typing to quickly locate a macro, tool, or app.

Preview and publish

See what your page or space will look like with the Confluence keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E / ⌘ + Shift + E.

your work using Ctrl + Enter / ⌘ + Enter.

Want to add a note about the particular version of the page you’ve published? Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter / ⌘ + Shift + Enter.


These shortcuts are all done when viewing a published Confluence page.

Add a comment:
To add a comment to a page, type m.
In the comment box, you can type the @ symbol to mention someone from your team.

View inline comments:
Inline comments are comments next to specific lines of text within your page. They can only be created and viewed on published pages.

View the next inline comment: type n.

View the previous inline comment: type p.

Close the inline comment that you’re viewing: type ] (closing square bracket).

Viewing and sharing pages

Note: Unless specified, the following Confluence keyboard shortcuts only work when viewing published pages - not in edit mode.

  • Browse Current Space: gs
  • Quick Search: / or gg
  • Toggle Sidebar: [
  • Toggle Sidebar from edit mode: Ctrl + [ / ⌘ + [
  • Watch Page: w
  • Share: s
  • View Attachments: t
  • Favourite Page: f
  • Link to Page: k
  • Enter Presenter Mode: r

Express yourself with emoticons

For a smiley face emoticon: :)

Start by typing a colon, and you’ll get a list of all of the other face emoticons available to you.

For a tick emoticon: (/)

And lastly…

Want to bring up the guide to keyboard shortcuts within the Confluence app? Type Shift + ? from Home.

Note: Some of the shortcuts listed within the Confluence app itself are outdated - so make sure to come back to this guide for shortcuts that work with the current version!

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