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However you want to extend Confluence, we've got the app to help you achieve it.
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Content Formatting Macros for Confluence

Ready to make your pages look better than ever?
Personalise and enhance your content with Content Formatting Macros for Confluence. It's the go-to app for Confluence customisation, helping you improve the UI and UX of your pages with just a few clicks.
From Tabs, Tooltips, and Buttons to BibTeX referencing, our macros suite has everything you need to create pages users will love. You can even embed external content to give users access to everything they need in one place.
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Forms for Confluence

Get instant feedback from your Confluence users.
Don't waste time creating surveys elsewhere and importing and exporting data – Forms lets you gather and integrate insights inside Confluence, saving time and speeding up decision-making.
Our intuitive form builder helps you create forms for any purpose. Tailor forms to your users with conditional logic and embed video and images to add context to your questions.
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Community Forums for Confluence

Community Forums is the must-have Confluence app to boost collaboration and engage your users.
The Forum blueprint template lets you create custom forums for topics that matter most to you – then add them directly to your Confluence pages in an instant.
Get discussions going across the company about important projects, pin must-read content to the top of a forum, track engagement metrics, and more.
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ThemeBuilder for Confluence

Transform the look, feel, and functionality of your Confluence interface.
ThemeBuilder gives you complete customisation at your fingertips. It's perfect for creating pages that reflect your brand.
  • Building-block code modules let you customise your Confluence theme using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • With macro scripting and carousels, you can easily build custom page layouts that users want to look at.
  • You can build layouts to match the Confluence codebase, meaning they'll look just as you intended, even with a new release.
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More Confluence Apps

Want a simple but powerful content formatting solution without any included extras? Take a look at our other macros for Confluence Cloud.
Footnotes for Confluence icon
Footnotes for Confluence
Easily add citations and display footnotes on a Confluence page.
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Tabs for Confluence icon
Tabs for Confluence
Organise your Confluence content with clean, easy to navigate tabs.
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Progress Bar for Confluence icon
Progress Bar for Confluence
Give users a visual reminder of which step they are at in their journey.
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Buttons for Confluence icon
Buttons for Confluence
Make Confluence hyperlinks more interactive with visually engaging buttons.
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Tooltips for Confluence icon
Tooltips for Confluence
Add extra context, tips, or information to your content without cluttering the page.
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Round Rectangle for Confluence icon
Round Rectangle for Confluence
Draw attention to important information on your pages with colourful text boxes.
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LaTeX for Confluence icon
LaTeX for Confluence
Easily convert and display LaTeX mathematical formulas on your Confluence pages.
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Numbered Headings for Confluence icon
Numbered Headings for Confluence
Automatically number your page headings to make content easier to read and navigate.
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