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Forms for Confluence - now available to everyone!
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Kolekti's Associate Product Manager, Tom Carrott, sitting at a table with a coffee
Tom Carrott
21st May, 2023

Forms for Confluence - now available to everyone!

Have you heard the exciting news? Discover a quicker, better, more user-friendly forms experience with our latest feature update.
Everyone should be able to use Forms for Confluence. Now, you can.

Over the years, we've made incredible strides with Forms for Confluence and developed a form builder that makes it easy to create surveys in minutes. But until now, only Confluence admins could create them.

That's all about to change. Thanks to our latest update, everyone can use Forms for Confluence!
Confluence users: wave goodbye to navigating red tape and waiting for admins to create forms and feedback results. Admins: say hello to fewer requests and more time dedicated to your own projects. No matter your permissions, you can gather data quicker.

New user roles

We've introduced four user roles: Creators, Collaborators, Respondents, and Viewers.
Now, any Confluence user can be a Creator (someone who creates a form) or a Respondent (someone who fills out a form).
Viewers are a step up from Respondents. While Viewers can see responses via the Form Response Table macro, they can't access the form's admin screen. This helps users share response data while controlling who can access and edit their forms.
We’re particularly excited about the all-new Collaborator role. When Creators assign users as Collaborators to their form, Collaborators gain the same level of access. This lets anyone on a project quickly edit forms and access response data without barriers, making shared projects smoother and easier than ever.

Forms for Confluence has a new home

We're introducing a major update to the Forms for Confluence homepage, which you can access from the main app menu. This new-look homepage gathers together every form where you're listed as a Creator or Collaborator. With one central space to create and manage forms, you'll always know where to find them.
The Confluence Apps dropdown with a link to the Forms for Confluence homepage

Take a look below to see the list of changes in full.

What's changed?


Only Confluence site or space admins

Any user in your Confluence instance
  • Admin (site- or space-level)
    • Can create form IDs & Forms
  • User
    • Can create forms using form IDs created by the admin role
  • Respondent
    • Anyone else using Confluence
    • Can input Form responses

There are four user roles:
  • Form Creator
    • Creates the Form
  • Form Collaborator
    • Has the same access as the Creator
    • Is assigned by the Creator
  • Respondent
    • Anyone else
    • Can input Form responses
  • Viewer
    • Can see published Form responses only.
For security reasons, a user has to define who can view responses published on a page. This is done via the Forms Responses Table macro.
A Form ID is tied to a specific Confluence space. Users access Forms by the Forms for Confluence app in the left-hand bar of a Confluence space or via the temporary home page.

Users can manage and create forms from the central home page, which they access from the main app menu.
Though you will still see the app in the sidebar of any spaces that previously had Forms - clicking on it will show a message telling you Forms for Confluence has moved.
The form admin screen (accessed via the space menu in the left-hand bar) shows the Form ID, Form description, and any access restrictions.

The “My Forms” page (on the central homepage) gives you access to similar information as before. Because we've made Forms available for everyone, this page won’t display access restrictions.
You’ll see the form name, description, and action button to edit a form's configuration and archive and export responses.
Space admins can access all form responses within the spaces in that space.
Site admins can access all form responses in the Confluence instance.

Form Creators (users who create a form) can access form responses, as well as any Collaborators they add.
Confluence admins can only access your form responses if you add them as Collaborators.
Please note: We’ll be converting admins to creators/collaborators for existing forms so that nobody loses access to a form they previously managed/could see responses for.

Keeping your old forms safe

A lot has changed, but we're working hard to ensure users can access their existing forms. You’ll still be able to view and export response data via the "My Forms" page.
To learn more and get started with Forms for Confluence, read our updated documentation.

How else can we improve Forms for Confluence?
We'd love to hear what you think about our latest update! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share your ideas with our team.

Ready to take team insights to a new level?

If you don't have Forms for Confluence yet, now's a great time to try it!
Get 30 days free on us.
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