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Everyone wins with our new Card Macro for Confluence Cloud
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Jimi Abbabiyi
4th October, 2022

Everyone wins with our new Card Macro for Confluence Cloud

We’re excited to announce the addition of a powerful new macro to Confluence Cloud. Read all about it!

*Warning* High number of card-related puns in this blog

We're excited to announce the launch of a powerful new macro in Confluence Cloud. Our Card Macro is a high-value addition to the Content Formatting Macros app, giving users quick wins in the form of creating more visually appealing, engaging content. Whether you’re looking to highlight important content on your page or you're a user tired of the same standard formatting options, everyone wins when the Card Macro is in play.
Before we show our hand and lay out the features, use cases and benefits of the Card Macro, you can read more about what Content Formatting Macros are, the other Macros we offer and the value they can add to your business. 

What is the Card Macro?

The Card Macro is a new feature of the Content Formatting Macros for Confluence cloud app. It's a visual linking element that lets users easily create and insert a card containing an image, text and hyperlink on a Confluence page, highlighting and making key content easier to consume, visualise, and engage with.
Three Card macros in a row with cartoon images and descriptions
The above example illustrates the powerful capabilities of the Card Macro. Let’s run through some of the customisation features on offer:

Apply different styles and themes for maximum impact

The Card Macro comes with a number of features that allow the user to change the style and colour in order to fit specific themes, company branding and use cases. These include:

Different layouts X 3
  • Vertical (see above)
  • Horizontal (see below)
  • Simple lozenge

Colour themes X 4
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Mint Green
  • Sky blue
Four Horizontal Card macros with small images to the left and descriptions to the right

Easy image upload with drag and drop

The Card Macro boasts drag-and-drop functionality to make image upload quick and easy. If the image is visible on your desktop, there’s no need to go through the process of searching for the file through the editor. Instead, simply drag and drop…. And crop!

What are the key benefits and value?

Now that you’ve seen the features that the Content Formatting Card Macro has to offer, how can you apply them in ways that translate into value for all Confluence cloud users? The below examples show you how:

Creating profiles to highlight key stakeholders on Confluence team pages

A great use for the Card Macro is creating profiles on a Confluence page. A prime example of this is in team spaces, which are fairly popular in Confluence. What better way to visually display who the team stakeholders are than by creating a profile card containing their image, job title and a brief description?
Three Card macros in a row with profile pictures and employee titles

Creating menus for highly visual navigation and better engagement

Another strong use case for the Card Macro is creating highly visual and informative navigation menus. While there are various ways to implement navigation buttons and links onto a Confluence page, they’re often scattered and offer limited context. In turn, this can have a negative impact on overall engagement. The Card Macro provides a quick and easy way to display (and highlight) multiple types of centralised information or menus that provide highly visual context for navigations on a single Confluence page.
A gif of a cursor hovering over three interactive Card macros with hyperlinks
Love the Cards used in this blog? View and copy our Confluence templates to get your pages set up quicker:

Creating a Confluence wiki for an easily navigated information hub

Creating an internal wiki in Confluence is highly beneficial for many reasons. It can act as a central hub of information that everyone in an organisation can collaborate on and refer to, and the information can automatically be kept up to date.
A screenshot of an intranet in Confluence with Cards and Buttons
However, creating a company wiki is no simple task. Structuring and navigation play a key role in presenting and displaying information in a way that readers can easily contextualise and visualise, making the information easier to digest almost instantly. The Card Macro is one of many ways to achieve this and draw attention to the most important content on a page. To discover more about creating a Confluence wiki, read our blog.
And there you have it - all the features, benefits and uses of the Card Macro to help you create better and more engaging content in Confluence!

Start playing with the Card macro in Confluence Cloud

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