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Why does Atlassian’s Responsible Technology template matter?
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Why is Atlassian's Responsible Technology Review template crucial for ethical tech development?

A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
8th January, 2024
2 min read
Two hands holding up a browser window with brightly formatted tables and text
A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
8th January, 2024
2 min read

With great power comes great responsibility. With the Responsible Technology Review template, teams can feel good about the tech tools they build.

Technology - and how we use it - is constantly evolving. But how often do we think about its implications for society? Atlassian says "not enough". As a result, they have shared a template with the world to help knowledge workers develop new technology through a more considerate lens.
The title page of the Atlassian Responsible Technology Review Template
Atlassian's template helps companies adopt a more conscious mindset towards tech development
Atlassian's Responsible Technology Review template, which is free to download, has been directly inspired by their own Responsible Technology Principles. They guide thoughtful and accountable technology use and development, especially in areas like AI​. The principles are:
  1. Empower all humans: Fairness and inclusivity should be central to technology development. Teams should consider how technology could affect any users.
  2. Unleash Potential, Not Inequity: Any technology, especially AI, should make a positive contribution to society. This starts with ensuring any tech is fit for purpose and aligned with a company's mission and values.
  3. Build for trust: Trust underpins everything a company should do when developing technology products. They should focus on privacy, security,  reliability, and performance.
  4. Open communication, no bullshit: Transparency and clear, straightforward communication is vital. Be open about any capabilities, use cases, and limitations, especially in the context of new technologies like AI​.
  5. Accountability is a team sport: Technology is just one component in a larger ecosystem. Continuously working on improvements and hearing user feedback is essential. 
So, why does this template matter? By providing a framework that encourages transparency, accountability, and human-centric values in AI development, Atlassian's template helps teams and organisations proactively consider their technology's broader impact. This is crucial for building trust in AI technologies and ensuring they are used to benefit society as a whole. Atlassian's template is a step towards more considerate development of technology in our increasingly digital world.

Jimi Abbabiyi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Kolekti, shared his thoughts.

"Technology is a potent tool, for good and bad. As AI's impact becomes increasingly profound, it’s vital to have guidelines for intentional and ethical tech development. With Atlassian’s framework, teams can build new tools with the confidence that they're making a positive difference."

Atlassian's template is a significant step towards the responsible creation of AI technology and reflects a broader industry trend towards more accountable, human-centric technology practices.

For the last word, we reached out to Atlassian themselves. Here's what they had to say:

"We know that trust is not just about ensuring the security and privacy of our products, but is also earned and kept through our actions and commitments to reliability and performance."

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A headshot of Holly Aspinall
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