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We're Kolekti - and we're creating the future of work
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We're Kolekti - and we're creating the future of work

A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
11th April, 2023
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A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
11th April, 2023

We're putting an end to unproductive tasks. Discover how we're building a better future for modern workers – and why it starts with your tools

We're Kolekti, the newest brand under The Adaptavist Group. We're on a mission to end inefficient work.
Imagine a future where you don't have to search through dozens of tabs, messages, and applications to find the information you need. At Kolekti, we're building that future. So if you're tired of spending countless hours on unproductive tasks, you've come to the right place.

How we're working towards our mission

The first step to ending inefficient work begins with the tools we use.
We're here to make your existing tools even better than they are, so you can cut back on tool fatigue and bring everything - and everyone - together.
As part of this, we're the new home of some of Adaptavist's most beloved apps, including Content Formatting Macros for Confluence and Forms for Confluence. We're excited to bring our market-leading Confluence and Trello apps to more people than ever.

Apps made by (and for) teams like yours

At Kolekti, we're a team of dedicated, talented experts who care about creating apps that make a difference.
We know the pain of switching tabs, hunting for information, and losing control of our day to pointless tasks. We work hard to build apps that solve real problems so that you can get more out of your workday.
Our apps focus on improving knowledge management and collaborative work management. We want to bring teams together and make information sharing easier than ever.

The future of work is bright

We've been working hard to bring updates and improvements to your tools, including the recent Time Tracking for Trello overhaul and an entirely new way to create forms in Forms for Confluence.
Our newly-built Confluence demo page templates - featuring Content Formatting Macros - give real-life examples of the macros in action and help users set pages up quickly.
As Kolekti, we strive to make our apps even more valuable with each new feature release. We're also excited to be working on brand-new apps that will give you even more control over your tools - so keep your eyes peeled 👀

We're thrilled to be on this mission with you 🚀

Got any questions for us? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Written by
A headshot of Holly Aspinall
Holly Aspinall
Content Marketing Manager
Holly is dedicated to writing valuable, accessible guides that help users understand their tools better. She champions products that help modern workers do more with Confluence,, and beyond.

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