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Workdocs Viewer for

Workdocs Viewer: document management

A central place to create, see and search for workdocs across
✔︎ View and access documents in one handy place
✔︎ Find workdocs quicker with Smart Search
✔︎ Create new docs in one click
A magnifying glass finding a folder inside a filing cabiner

Say hello to the new home of your monday workdocs 👋

Discover better document management. Workdocs Viewer brings together all of the docs in your instance, helping you save time searching and stay on top of important updates. Never lose track of a document again.

A better way to discover docs 🗂️

The Workdocs Viewer homepage helps you keep track of docs and topics that matter to you.
Instantly see the most recent workdocs you've been working on and public documents shared by team members, helping you stay in the loop on important projects.
A screenshot of recent documents in Workdocs Viewer

Quick and powerful search 🔍

Looking for a specific document? Simply use the rapid and responsive search bar in Workdocs Viewer to find relevant workdocs across your instance.
When you search for a doc, you can instantly see who created it, when, and even a handy preview of the document text.
A screenshot showing search results in Workdocs Viewer for

One-click workdoc creation 📄

Discover a simpler way of creating workdocs.
There's no need to navigate to a specific board. Just click "New Document" within the app and choose where you want it to live, and you're ready to go.
A pop up dialog to create a new workdoc

Save and share external links 🔗

Got a link you want to hang onto for future use?
You don't need to hunt through bookmarks - save them to your Workdocs Viewer homepage instead. Whether you want to keep a link private or share it with your team, it's your choice.
A screenshot of various personal and public saved external links in Workdocs Viewer


Get started for free - choose a plan later. Enjoy Workdocs Viewer for free with a 14-day trial.
Get up to 33% off when you purchase a yearly licence.
UsersMonthly priceYearly price
Up to 3$3.00 $2.00
Up to 5$5.00$4.00
Up to 10$10.00$8.00
Up to 15$15.00$12.00
Up to 20$20.00$16.00
Up to 25$25.00$20.00
Up to 30$30.00$24.00
Up to 50$50.00$40.00
Up to 100$80.00$64.00

Try Workdocs Viewer for free today

Enjoy a 14-day free trial and search for workdocs the smart way today 👇

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