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Organise your pages with automatically numbered headings

Make your content easier to read with Numbered Headings for Confluence.
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A better way to structure your Confluence pages

Say goodbye to manually adding numbers to your headings in Confluence. Now you can now save yourself valuable time and effort.
Numbered Headings is a simple but effective macro that makes it easier to navigate Confluence pages. In one click, you can number the headings and subheadings on your page.
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Numbered Headings at the click of a button

It's never been easier to add numbers to your headings.
The Numbered Headings macro adds a handy button to your page toolbar - all you have to do is click to toggle Numbered Headings on and choose the number format you'd prefer. It's that simple.
A screenshot of the Numbered Headings options window in Confluence


The intervals shown below are not exhaustive and merely indicate how the price of Numbered Headings for Confluence scales to different team sizes.
To get the right price for your organisation, please click through to the Atlassian Marketplace.
Team sizePrice
25USD 0.35 per user
100USD 0.35 per user
250USD 0.25 per user
1,000USD 0.20 per user
2,500USD 0.15 per user
5,000USD 0.10 per user
7,500USD 0.08 per user
10,000USD 0.06 per user
15,000USD 0.04 per user
20,000USD 0.02 per user
25,000USD 0.02 per user
30,000USD 0.02 per user
35,000USD 0.02 per user
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Content Formatting Macros for Confluence comes with all the tools you could ever need to structure and style your Confluence pages.

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