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Three essential tips to plan an unforgettable company event
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Three essential tips to plan an unforgettable company event

A headshot of Simon Kirrane
Simon Kirrane
9th April, 2024
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A headshot of Simon Kirrane
Simon Kirrane
9th April, 2024
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Secret 1: Send a pre-event survey
Secret 2: Treat it like a campaign
Secret 3: Follow up with a post-event survey
Great events start with Forms for Confluence

Master the corporate get-together. Here’s how to create a company event that everyone will be talking about.

Learning or bonding? Drinking or thinking? If you don't know what people want from your company event, it could be lacklustre. Asking people before you act is key!

We’ve previously covered some great ways to ask employees the right questions with surveys, but what else do you need to know? Here are three simple but powerful secrets to creating a company event that everyone remembers.

Secret 1: Send a pre-event survey

The first of our three secrets to planning an unforgettable company event is to use a great survey at the planning stage to gauge ideas and enthusiasm for events that are remembered for all the right reasons!

The key to a great pre-event survey? Get specific.

It's all too easy for a respondent to state they'd be up for 'anything', or that they will definitely come to the eight-hour-long presentation on your company values, but that's unlikely to be the case. Be detailed in your inquiries. For example:

  • Ask what kinds of events they like: Evening events, weekend events, events with a plus one, creative events, afternoon events, events to meet like-minded people in a business setting… Now is the time to ask what they like most.
  • Ask them what they want from an event: Whether it's an event for employees or prospects, ask what they want to get from it. Better connections? Ideas? Downtime? To feel energised?
  • Ask what they need from an event: You've covered their wants, but what about their needs? Consider diet, accessibility, timing, transport links, and more.

Send your survey (why not try Forms for Confluence?) and analyse the responses. Worried that not everyone will like the event you had in mind? You can either go with a majority, or make multiple events instead. Let the data be your guide.

After that, it's time to plan like a pro. You'll need buy-in, a budget, a venue, an agenda, and a wide-range of exciting activities or features that will make your event truly memorable.

Company event ideas:
Creative events
  • A paint and sip
  • Dance lessons
  • Cookery or baking masterclasses
  • Jewellery or craft making
  • Escape rooms
  • Learn a new skill
  • Ask me anything with an industry leader or influencer

Evening events
  • Black tie
  • Fine dining
  • Gala
  • Awards ceremony
  • Karaoke
  • Comedy night
  • Theatre

Corporate events
  • Sporting tickets
  • Golf days
  • Live events
  • Track days
  • High ropes events
  • Horse racing
  • Go karting
  • Paintballing
  • Geocaching

Weird and wonderful events
  • Dine in the sky
  • Pullman train ride
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Zorbing
  • Sheep herding
  • Husky sledding
  • Llama picnic
  • Goat yoga

Secret 2: Treat it like a campaign

Another one of our secrets to planning an unforgettable company event is to ensure engagement is high before the event. Whether you're gathering your employees for a weekend of activities and team bonding, or engaging with customers and influencers, momentum is everything.

Turn to your marketing team and ensure that they are able to support you with timely reminders and touchpoints like any other high-profile campaign. Get attendees excited about what’s ahead, who’s attending, or the contents of that goodie bag!

Content ideas for a company event email:
  • 2 weeks/1 week/2 days to go.
  • Will you be our winner? Offer a high-value prize to attendees.
  • A secret will be revealed on the night? Intrigue the audience with a FOMO announcement.
  • Last chance to have your say… Maintain the focus on people power.
  • Can you guess who our speaker is? A good speaker will bring the crowds.
  • Post your attendance online for a free goodie bag! Nudge people into action with gifts and merchandise.

Secret 3: Follow up with a post-event survey

Post-event survey questions should not be underestimated. Whether you really could do with that internal recognition for your job well done as an amazing event planner, or if you truly want to see where you can improve, you need the facts. Not only that but positive responses can be used in your marketing communications for the next event you run.

How can you gather feedback from event participants? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Consider where data is captured.
The first step is to choose the right method to capture responses. Forms for Confluence offers a smart way to gather and display information in one place, but as long as you're confident in your chosen system, you can proceed with conviction. And time this for as soon as possible after the event.

Step 2: Carefully design your questions.
Post-event survey questions should include a mix of short questions such as ‘I would like to attend next year - True/False’, as well as open-ended questions that allow more in-depth takes. Be mindful of the respondent's limited time. Questions you may like to include:
  • I left with a greater understanding of the topic - Agree/Disagree
  • I would like to attend next year - Agree/Disagree
  • I would recommend this event to a friend - Agree/Disagree
  • Did the event meet your expectations? Yes/No + Explain further
  • I liked the speaker (or activity, or any other element of the event) - Yes/No + Explain further
  • How can we make this event better?
  • What did you like most about the event?
  • What would you have done differently if you had run the event?
  • Are you happy for your quotes to be used within our marketing materials?
  • Are you happy to be contacted about future, similar events?

Step 3: Offer incentives.
Company events are expensive and take a lot of time to organise. Because the feedback is so valuable, it can also be very helpful to offer an incentive for responding. Don't forget this information can save you money and boost your business's reputation, so it's well worth adding a small incentive.

Step 4: Say thanks
Finally, thank your participants for their time and their invaluable feedback, close the feedback loop, and start planning your next big event.

Great events start with Forms for Confluence

Want to craft amazing communications that ask the questions you need answering? Don’t plan an event without Forms for Confluence!
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A headshot of Simon Kirrane
Simon Kirrane
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