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11 great questions for engaging customer satisfaction surveys
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Create engaging customer satisfaction surveys with these 11 example questions

A headshot of Elaine Keep
Elaine Keep
26th January, 2024
5 min read
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A headshot of Elaine Keep
Elaine Keep
26th January, 2024
5 min read
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What is a customer satisfaction survey?
Examples of general customer satisfaction surveys
Examples of transactional customer satisfaction surveys
Top 11 questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey
Mistakes to avoid in your customer satisfaction surveys

If you want to measure customer satisfaction, you need a great survey delivered the right way. Find out what to ask with our top 11 customer satisfaction survey example questions.

Being able to predict and react to the changing needs of your customers is an asset for any business. With an honest response from customers, you can steer your business the right way without wasting money or making decisions out of step with the market. Regular reviews of your customers’ sentiment can give an early indication of a need to change the direction of your business and put you in control. (If you want to cut to the chase and make your own customer satisfaction survey, check out our guide on creating forms in Confluence).

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a tool that helps a company understand how happy customers are with their products or services. Companies can gather feedback on different aspects like product quality, customer service, and their overall experience.
There are over 10 types of customer satisfaction surveys, depending on what areas you want to focus on, from general customer satisfaction (CSAT) to an experience with a certain team or process. It’s best to administer customer satisfaction surveys at various points in the customer journey.

Examples of general customer satisfaction surveys

  1. Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT): Are customers impressed with your business?
  2. Net Promoter Score (NPS): What’s the likelihood they’d recommend your business?
  3. Customer Effort Score (CES): Is it easy to do business with you?
  4. Product/Service Usage Survey: How often do they use your business or services?

Examples of transactional customer satisfaction surveys

Transactional surveys are those that help you gauge satisfaction in certain areas, such as customer service, onboarding, technical support, post-purchase, or website user experience.
It’s worth adding that you can also undertake research surveys, and while they focus on market research, brand loyalty, or potential product improvements and don’t directly question a customer’s satisfaction, they can help make business decisions to drive future contentment. One to remember!

11 essential questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey

Your survey success is all down to great questions and enough responses. These are the best questions to ask.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with our product/service?

  2. How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague? (Use an NPS scale of 0-10)

  3. How easy was it to use our product/service?

  4. How satisfied are you with the assistance you received? (You can specify various teams)

  5. How would you rate the quality/effectiveness of our product/service? (Use an adjective relevant to you)

  6. How satisfied were you with resolving any issues you may have encountered?

  7. Do you feel that our product/service provides value/quality? (Change the adjective)

  8. What words would you use to describe our brand?

  9. How likely are you to continue using our product/service in the future?

  10. Are there specific areas where you think we can improve our products or services?

  11. Additional Comments: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with us?

Mistakes to avoid in your customer satisfaction surveys

No incentives
An incentive for a survey doesn’t have to be monetary. It could be as simple as driving product innovation, gaining points or even a shout-out on social media if an idea is implemented. Help customers understand why the satisfaction survey matters. If you incentivise, don't make it too hard to win.

Too many free-form text questions
It’s essential to keep surveys short to the point and to include a mix of question types. You can incorporate open-ended questions for detailed feedback, but don’t use too many free-form text boxes, or people may give up.

Failure to state the time needed
“Take our 10-question survey” or “Our survey takes an average of just 2 minutes to complete” is a comforting statement! Be upfront about the time investment needed.

Asking too much
Ask too much not only means respondents get tired, but you may also overwhelm yourself. Ask about communication preferences in a general survey, and you may find yourself with thousands of people wanting to opt out of a newsletter! Ask for too many ideas in too many areas, and you’ll have a lot of data to sift through for all departments that may not be followed up.

Surveys are best when they are specific, regular and short!

Ready to create a customer satisfaction survey?

Creating a customer satisfaction survey is a powerful tool for building stronger customer relationships, refining your products or services, and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. It’s so important to understand customers and their needs, so ask them directly about their feelings! Get started today.

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