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Convert and display LaTeX formulas in Confluence

It's easy to add mathematical and scientific equations to your pages with LaTeX for Confluence.
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Easily display formulas in block or inline equations

LaTeX for Confluence is the easiest way to display mathematical formulas. Just open the macro editor, insert your LaTeX equation, and select the alignment.
A screenshot of several LaTeX equations in a Confluence page

Add styling to your formulas

You can add colour to your inline or block equations with built-in styling support. LaTeX for Confluence also includes packages for Units, Chemistry, and Physics equations.
A screenshot of the LaTeX for Confluence editor window


The intervals shown below are not exhaustive and merely indicate how the price of LaTeX for Confluence scales to different team sizes.
To get the right price for your organisation, please click through to the Atlassian Marketplace.
Team sizePrice
100USD 0.35 per user
250USD 0.25 per user
1,000USD 0.20 per user
2,500USD 0.15 per user
5,000USD 0.10 per user
7,500USD 0.08 per user
10,000USD 0.06 per user
15,000USD 0.04 per user
20,000USD 0.02 per user
25,000USD 0.02 per user
30,000USD 0.02 per user
35,000USD 0.02 per user
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