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Content Formatting Macros for Confluence

Content Formatting Macros for Confluence

Create informative and engaging Confluence pages with this essential macro toolkit.
✔︎ Improve navigation
✔︎ Increase user engagement
✔︎ Add useful context
Three stacked Confluence pages with different colourful layouts

The Confluence app you've been looking for

Ready to dramatically improve the look and feel of Confluence? Content Formatting Macros can help.
Whether you want to improve the way your content looks, keep things tidy and organised or boost user engagement, our suite of easy-to-use tools will help you create visually impactful content in Confluence.

Just some of our amazing customers
ISO 27001 Certified
Atlassian Cloud Fortified
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For Confluence Cloud

Discover the must-have toolkit for transforming flat pages in Confluence Cloud.
With Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud, you get unparalleled reliability and stability to support your team as you grow.

🎨 Create memorable visual content

  • Interactive Banner: Highlight important content with a sliding image carousel
  • Background: Add engaging backgrounds to a page
  • Advanced Cards: Create engaging cards to highlight key content
  • Button: Highlight links with a visual button
A screenshot of a Confluence page formatted with visual cards and background

🧭 Improve structure and navigation

  • Tabs: Group related content without cluttering the page
  • Progress Bar: Show progress through linked steps
  • Advanced Expand: Nest a collapsible section within tables and other macros
  • Numbered Headings: Automatically number page headings to boost structure
A screenshot of FAQs and support links formatted using Tabs, Cards, and Background macros in Confluence Cloud

💡 Boost user understanding

  • Alert: Visual pop-up alerts that give readers important context
  • Tooltip: Discreetly add extra information to a page
  • LaTeX: Easily insert inline and block LaTeX equations on a page
  • BibTeX Referencing: Add BibTeX-formatted references to your content
A screenshot of a Confluence page formatted with visual cards and background

Advanced features:

A Confluence page made up of jigsaw puzzle pieces
*NEW* Templates
Create engaging, interactive pages in minutes with our built-in templates. Learn more ➜
A blue highlighter beside a colourful scribble
Colour management
Create preset colour palettes to maintain a consistent brand identity across pages.
A magic hat and wand with various images above
Pexel image library
Choose from thousands of images to make your visual macros stand out.

What could you achieve with Content Formatting Macros?

Get inspired with our range of ready-made pages. You can even copy the macros to your Confluence page to save time!
A gif of three sliding Confluence example pages with formatted with Content Formatting Macros

Learn more with the Content Formatting Macros playbook

Get a deeper look at Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud.
Meet the macros, explore top use cases, and discover our leading app security with our interactive playbook.
A GIF of the Content Formatting Macros playbook with a 'peek' animation
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These Content Formatting Macros for Confluence macros have become my main macros. The features are powerful but simple, allowing to present information in a visually appealing way – a big plus for keeping our marketing team on the same page.
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Håkon Magnus on 31.05.2024
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We've been using Content Formatting Macros for Confluence for a while now to build out our knowledge bases and they've proven to be a valuable asset. The Tabs and Accordion macros are particularly useful for organising information, especially complex job descriptions. No more applicants getting lost in a labyrinth of text! One minor niggle, there can be some confusion when older versions of macros are superseded by newer ones. For instance, we had a bit of a snag when updating the buttons macro to the buttons group macro. However, creating buttons became a breeze once we got the hang of it. A little shout out to the live chat support, they were very reactive and addressed any bugs we encountered promptly.
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Kurtis Abbot on 22.05.2024
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The app has revolutionised our confluence pages by offering a suite of macros. Interactive banner breathes life into our presentations and, advanced expand macro, has significantly improved our content's structure, even within complex layouts like tabs and tables. The macros help enhance the user experience and aesthetic appeal of our documents, making this app a must-have for any confluence user looking to elevate their content. Thank you to the Kolekti team for their support over the years!
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Lena Müller on 05.03.2024
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As a product manager for cloud service that allows Unity and Unreal developers to work simultaneously in a project, online documentation is key to onboarding new users. Kolekti gives us the ability to display Confluence pages with some of the same page layout quality as standalone websites. Just the Cards and Tabs alone allow us to graphically navigate our users through the content and focus them on the game engine platform they are most interested in. I will say I wish the add-ons loaded faster on the end user side, but there are many factors to that.
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Kyle on 01.03.2024
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As a Product Specialist for a Platinum Partner Sourcesense Ltd, good addons are essential to what we do. I have used this addon extensively across our Confluence sites and think this is a superb tool and makes a must have addition to any Confluence site. It offers customisable sections to really add colour and vibrancy to your pages - I am impressed with its ease of use and clean functionality. I highly recommend this addon to anyone looking to step up their confluence visualisation.
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Fiona Pratt on 23.02.2024
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Really like this app. It has bought some much needed design to our confluence pages. Bringing them to life for the readers. Its been seamless from downloaded the app. I was quickly able to start using them and the in macro step by steps are so helpful in learning how to use each macro. Having an intro / demo call with Abi was excellent and she was able to go through some parts of it that wouldn't have realised was there - like adding your company colour pallet. I would highly recommend this app.
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Helen Ecclestone on 22.02.2024
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One of the best apps related to Content formatting. We are looking forward for more updates and exciting features as a part of Content Formatting Macros. We have multiple users who use a wide variety of information being stored in Confluence and keeping an organised and feel good factor, combining more macros within a single page - lets us give a compact and clear view of what information we want to look for. Thanks Abi/Ane for constantly supporting us!
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Soundarya Sowmia Narayanan on 10.11.2023

For Confluence Data Center

Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Data Center can drive better content structure, an enhanced look and feel, improved user journeys, and integration with other platforms.
The Content Formatting Macros toolkit includes over 40 macros to improve your pages in Confluence Data Center.

Discover some of our most popular macros:
  • Iframe: Seamlessly display a webpage within a Confluence page
  • Button: Create engaging and visual hyperlinks
  • Tabs: A clutter-free way to organise information on your page
  • LaTeX Formatting: Convert LaTeX mathematical language to HTML on your page
  • Dialog: Styled dialog boxes that trigger at the click of a button
  • Footnotes: Insert and display footnote entries on a Confluence page
  • Highlight: Change the background colour to make your content stand out
A browser window showing a Confluence marketing event page

🗂 Get started quicker with templates

Content Formatting Macros for Confluence comes pre-loaded with templates to make page creation easier:
  • Multi-Page Journey: Create several pages for users to follow from start to finish.
  • Space Homepage: An engaging page for users to land on.
  • Finance: Build a report displaying financial performance data.
  • Academic: Embed mathematical formulas and cite works.
  • Blog: Share news and company updates.
  • Software Requirements: Outline how software is expected to perform.
A browser showing an academic Confluence page with page icons below


The intervals shown below aren't exhaustive and are just a guideline of how Content Formatting Macros scales for different teams.
To get an accurate price, please visit the Atlassian Marketplace.
Team sizePrice
25USD 1.00 per user
100USD 1.00 per user
250USD 0.75 per user
1,000USD 0.60 per user
2,500USD 0.25 per user
5,000USD 0.17 per user
7,500USD 0.15 per user
10,000USD 0.12 per user
15,000USD 0.10 per user
20,000USD 0.10 per user
25,000USD 0.08 per user
30,000USD 0.06 per user
35,000USD 0.04 per user
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Data Center
Team sizePrice
View pricing in fullarrow icon

Try Content Formatting Macros for free!

Whether you're on Confluence Cloud or Data Center, you can take full advantage of our powerful content formatting suite for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Content Formatting Macros is a complete macro toolkit for creating engaging, user-friendly Confluence pages. It comes with everything you need to improve page structure, add extra context, and boost page design.
Content Formatting Macros for Confluence doesn't store any data.
Extra information for Cloud users: The app is completely hosted on your Confluence instance. Your data doesn't le
ave your instance, and we have no access to any content you place within any of our macros.
For more information on what information we do or don't collect, see Data and Analytics.
Migrated content is rendered in Confluence's legacy editor. It will closely resemble your Server version with slight variations.

You can edit your pages in the legacy editor before converting to the new Cloud editor. Read more on our Converting Content to the New Cloud Editor page.
Content Formatting Macros for Content Cloud already includes some of the most popular Confluence Server macros, and we plan to develop many more.
Unfortunately, current limitations in the Confluence Cloud editor mean it can't support everything. You can learn more here.

The good news is we're working hard to develop exciting new macros exclusive to Confluence Cloud.
If there's a macro you want to see supported in Cloud, or if you have an idea for a completely new one, we want to hear from you! Please send over your suggestions to our app feature feedback page.

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