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Effortlessly design better Confluence pages

With Content Formatting Macros for Confluence, you can create visually appealing and well-structured Confluence pages that users love to engage with.
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The Confluence app you've been looking for

Ready to dramatically improve the look and feel of Confluence? Content Formatting Macros can help.
Whether you want to improve the way your content looks, keep things tidy and organised or boost user engagement, our suite of easy-to-use tools will help you create visually impactful content in Confluence.

Custom look and feel

Customise your Confluence pages' user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) with Content Formatting Macros. Now you can change the background colour of a page, add interactive buttons, and insert progress bars to let users know how far through a process they are.
It's now even easier to reflect your brand colours with the colour management feature, which lets you create preset colour palettes to use across all our visual macros.
A screenshot of a Confluence page formatted with visual cards and background

Structuring and navigation

A well-structured Confluence page can dramatically improve how readers navigate and consume your content. Content Formatting Macros has a powerful range of macros and features that allow you to do just that. Add tabs to your Confluence content to keep long chunks of text out of sight, or use footnotes and tooltips to make referencing easier than ever.
A screenshot of FAQs and support links formatted using Tabs, Cards, and Background macros in Confluence Cloud

For Confluence Cloud

Transform your flat Confluence pages with well-designed documentation, branded pages, and knowledge bases.
With Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud, you get unparalleled reliability and stability to support your team as you grow.
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Structure your content for better navigation
Organise your content and make it easier to navigate.
Use the Tabs macro and Card macro to make content visual and easily digestible. and the Progress Bar macro to help users visualise the steps in a process.
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Make your content pop to boost engagement
Surprise your team and customers with stylish Confluence pages.
Instantly make your page links more engaging with the Button and Interactive Banner macros, and discretely add on-demand information with the Tooltips macro.
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Add extra context and display academic content
Give your users more context and organise equations on your page.
Use the Footnotes and BibTeX macros to add and display references effortlessly. The Alerts pop-up macro keeps users in the loop on important updates.


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We were having and issue where the header was not staying locked when the user scrolled through the table. After a couple of days Tony Gough contacted me to say they had put a fix in. What an amazing team. They are very quick to respond to issues and make sure things are good. Mark
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Mark Williams on 04.05.2023
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A very useful set of macros to enhance your Confluence content. I love to play around with it to find new ways to make content more appealing to users.
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Max Foerster on 30.11.2019
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This macro is really good. You have to spend some time to get familiar with it but after this, you realize it is actually powerful. When you can change the background color, add buttons, change the font and the size of the text and add tabs you can transform a boring wiki page into an authentic web page. Awesome!
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Javier Fernandez Sainz on 07.11.2019
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I'm big on content formating and this macro is a perfect fit for me. It is the ultimate macro your confluence perhaps needs.
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Poorvi Jhawar on 04.11.2019

For Confluence Server/Data Center

A comprehensive suite of over 40 macros to improve your Confluence pages.
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Highlight and structure Confluence content
Customise the design, structure and navigation of your content to make it stand out.
Use the Tabs macro to segment content and the Progress Bar, Buttons, and Tooltip macros to improve the UX.
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Embed external webpages in real-time
The iFrame macro lets you embed external content and webpages such as Google Sheets.
The content can then be viewed inside Confluence in real-time, without the need to switch tabs.
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Ready-made Templates for Confluence Pages
Content Formatting Macros for Confluence comes pre-loaded with several templates designed for common use cases, so you can get started quickly with minimal onboarding.


The intervals shown below are not exhaustive and merely indicate how the price of Content Formatting Macros for Confluence scales to different team sizes.
To get the right price for your organisation, please click through to the Atlassian Marketplace.
Team sizePrice
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Data Center
Team sizePrice
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Team sizePrice
25USD 2.00 per user
100USD 2.00 per user
250USD 1.00 per user
1,000USD 0.50 per user
2,500USD 0.15 per user
5,000USD 0.15 per user
7,500USD 0.10 per user
10,000USD 0.10 per user
15,000USD 0.10 per user
20,000USD 0.10 per user
25,000USD 0.08 per user
30,000USD 0.06 per user
35,000USD 0.04 per user
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