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Confluence Company Hub Template

A company hub lets users easily access company news and information. Our Company Hub Template has everything you need to produce the perfect central resource.
A gif of a user scrolling to show the Confluence Company Hub Template
Want to use our Company Hub Template? Simply install Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud and choose it from the Confluence templates library.
Once you've installed Content Formatting Macros, follow these steps:
  1. In Confluence, click Templates in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on the templates search bar and type ‘Content Formatting Macros’.
  3. Select the ‘Company Hub’ template, then click Use template to get started.

You can also view and use all the templates from the Content Formatting Macros app homepage. Just click Apps > Content Formatting Macros, scroll down to the templates section, and choose a template.

We have many different Confluence templates - find the right one for you and save time through automation!

What is a company hub?

A company hub is a central resource for dynamic company-wide information packed with announcements, news, and event updates. It's easily accessed by employees when they need it, and our Company Hub Template is a great place to start building yours.

While team homepages store information at a team level around projects unique to one department, a company hub has things everyone will want to see. And because your company hub is visually delightful and customised to your business, it’s likely to be looked at, understood, and referred back to. It’s the dream of anyone who’s ever been tasked with nailing internal communication!
A Confluence company hub template with sections for links and blog posts
The Confluence company hub template using Content Formatting Macros

Why does your company need a company hub?


Gallup found that almost three-quarters of employees feel they’re missing out on company information and news, leading to a feeling of disconnect from their work. A company hub ensures every employee is included in the news that matters.


60% of companies have no long-term strategy for their internal communications and may share communications in multiple areas, such as email and instant messaging platforms or at meetings. In contrast, a company hub respects your employees' time by providing one easy-to-access source of truth.


Consistency is vital to successful internal communication. With a company hub, stakeholders can trust that the information they need will be delivered simultaneously.


The beautiful look of a customised company hub increases the chance of your communications being read and absorbed.

What elements should a company hub include?


  • Use an Interactive Banner to put announcements and news that you want everyone to see.
  • Add a key message with a Background to make it stand out.
  • Link readers to more information.

Useful information

  • Use Backgrounds and Buttons to add interesting information on new content, updates, and documents, as well as external links.
  • Add a Blog Posts macro to share new company updates.


  • Use Confluence Cards to showcase the teams in your organisation. If you’re a smaller business, this could be key individuals.
Two rows of Cards displaying links on a Confluence company hub
Cards are a great way to display links and information in your company hub


  • If there are common questions that you can quickly answer, this could be a good place to put them.

How to use our Company Hub Template

Now that you know what a monthly project report is and why you definitely need one, you can download and use our Company Hub Template.