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Resources and tools to end inefficient work

Save the Knowledge Worker - by Kolekti

Help knowledge workers be the experts they were hired to be.

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Engaging insight from our expert panelists
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What is a knowledge worker?
We define the term for the modern workforce.
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What are the benefits of remote team communication?
Learn the benefits of remote team communication, and get some actionable strategies to help you keep communication consistent and beneficial.
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The quick-start guide to building an AI knowledge base
With AI continuing to develop rapidly, more companies are turning to it. Remote and hybrid teams need instant answers that only an AI knowledge base can offer.
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Why is collaboration important in teamwork?
Teamwork makes the dream work, but only when it’s done properly. Learn how to achieve effective team collaboration with our guide.
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What is a knowledge manager, and does your team need one?
If you’re struggling to keep information accessible, hire someone to manage it for you! Learn more about what a knowledge manager does and whether you need ones in your company.
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6 ways to create a remote office that works for you
The office is no longer just a building - it's a place we create ourselves. Discover how to design a remote office that lets you work anywhere.
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Five reasons why Confluence is essential for remote teams
Work beyond borders and barriers. Here’s why Confluence is the ideal remote team management software.
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"People equate that trust to proximity." 🤔

During our 'Save the knowledge worker' panel discussion, Kolekti's Tim Sadler addresses the value of trust in remote work.
Research compiled in our whitepaper 'Out of Office' found:
📍 Only 35% of employees trust their staff to work from home... yet...
High trust organisations are 50% more productive ⚡
Watch the clip below and look out for more insights from the panel as we embark on our mission to end inefficient work!

Our apps

We understand knowledge workers. That's why we build amazing apps to help you do more with your tools.
Our suite of Confluence add-ons:
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Content Formatting Macros
Create engaging, user-friendly pages with the essential Confluence formatting toolkit.
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Guided Pathways
Create branching guides from your pages and navigate Confluence seamlessly.
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Forms for Confluence
Gather feedback quickly and securely in Confluence with smart forms and polls.
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Panel discussion - full playlist

Use the playlist icon in the YouTube window to navigate through all of the available clips from our 'Save the knowledge worker' panel discussion, or access them here.

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Moderator: Ollie Pickup, Founder of Pickup Media Limited & Freelance Journalist
Tim Sadler: Product Marketing Lead at Kolekti
Petra Velzeboer: CEO of PVL, Psychotherapist MSc, Global Keynote and TEDx Speaker, Author & Mental Health Consultant
Ben Askins: Co-Founder of Gaia and Social Media Influencer
Lucia Scarborough: Head of People Experience