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An easy way to make difficult decisions

Priority Pro is a customisable Priority Matrix to help you prioritise and visualise important work more efficiently in
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Prioritise your work in a more efficient way

Priority Pro for is a customisable priority matrix that helps you visualise your tasks - then ranks their importance for you.
It's easy to identify which tasks should have your immediate attention, giving you more time for meaningful work.

Drag-and drop-interface

The visual, interactive user interface lets you drag and drop all your items straight onto the Priority Pro matrix view.
No need to recreate old tasks - Priority Pro automatically pulls over items in your Main Table.
A gif showing a cursor dragging items onto an Eisenhower Priority Matrix

Automatic value scoring

When you drop an item onto the matrix, Priority Pro instantly scores an item's priority and adds the value to a column on your Main Table.
Whenever an item gets moved on your matrix, the score is dynamically updated to reflect this change.
A gif showing a item being moved to different quadrants on a priority matrix

Powerful customisation

However you like to work, Priority Pro is designed to fit your needs.
You can customise the look and feel of your matrix, the board titles, and axis names, plus much more. This means you can create an Eisenhower Priority Matrix, an Action Priority Matrix, or any other matrix you can think of!
A gif showing a cursor scrolling through settings to change the style of a priority matrix

Create and edit items

It's easy to create new items directly in your matrix view, and you can even edit existing items too.
This means there's no need to switch back and forth between Priority Pro and your Main Table, saving you time and keeping your attention focused.
A gif showing a new item being added to a priority matrix

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Up to 2 seats
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5 seats
$6/month (annual billing)
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10 seats
$12/month (annual billing)
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20 seats
$20/month (annual billing)
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30 seats
$28/month (annual billing)
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50 seats
$44/month (annual billing)
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100 seats
$64/month (annual billing)
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Unlimited seats
$200/month (annual billing)
The intervals shown below are not exhaustive and merely indicate how the price of Priority Pro for scales to different team sizes.
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